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  • When we got to the restaurant I wasn’t really hungry and was feeling slightly tipsy after the gin and tonic before.  There’s not much I can remember about the service, which in this case probably means they were effective and professional. The atmosphere in the restaurant was intimate and the food outstanding — I can only recall having had better sushi at the Midori of the Penha Longa Hotel. We had a traditional combo of 34 pieces (€39.40) which the chef quickly and artfully prepared, it came beautifully served in a wooden boat. All of the pieces were sublime and even the wasabi was of a superior quality. We also had the chance to try the exciting Dragon Makis which weren’t even on the menu yet. The decoration is a bit bland, as there’s something amiss, and at times feels like just a regular cafè which had simply been adapted to a more intimate atmosphere with dimmed lights. If they were able to offer such a high quality of food in an enhancing sensorial space, similar to the old Origami restaurant in Lisbon with a Japanese-styled atmosphere and rooms with traditional low tables, they would definitely be a five star experience. If you’re a fan of good food, Sushissimo is highly recommended for its fantastic sushi.

  • The service and atmosphere were both excellent and the food supreme. Fresh fish, Alvarinho, Brazilian Chef and great company made it an experience to add to my list of favourites. Alvarinho Deu La Deu is classified as a Vinho Verde, it has a sparkling colour, taste of hay and citrus reflexes with hints of compote fruit. A harmonious aftertaste that gladly permeates in your mouth. We had a personalised version of Dragon Maki. Best ever!!! We picked out of the list of original dishes – a 34 piece of traditional sushi selection. That skilful Brazilian Chef had carefully created a delicate and arty composition of greens and raws – making it hard to even want to touch it. Everything around is slow motioned while candles and black decor rested the eye, because all the focus of the evening was your table-mate and the masterpiece on your table. We knew, we would get a slightly expensive bill, but it wasn’t a deterrent from feeling more than satisfied with the entire experience.