Feature Photo by Marco Almeida


I MET Paulo Silva through work and the personal trait that immediately struck my attention is his sweetness. At first I thought he would have been an introvert person, but I was wrong. He always grasps any opportunity he has to meet and talk to people. He is always ready to help or share everything and he just can’t refuse a good meal — his appetite is unbeatable and it seems as if he’s eaten in all the restaurants in and around Lisbon. Occasionally we would grab a coffee and never stop talking, our conversations ranged from religion to art, from history to technology and we always had a good laugh at the end.

MAU was formed in 2004 in Denmark and came back in 2010 with a new album and a new music style. A sudden cut with the past, of which only the name remained. “Backseat Love Songs” (2010) carries Electro pop and Electro Maximal sounds, and it got broadcasted in the USA, England, Canada and France. Their single “Toboggan” was the soundtrack for the TV, Radio and Intenet campain known as the SIMS 3, in France.

In 2013 MAU turns up with a remix of tracks belonging to the International panorama such as Passion Pit, Does it Offend You Yeah and Summer Heart amongst others. The original hits or remixes of these Portuguese musicians had a constant stand on the various Hype Machine’s top remixes. This is the biggest platform of blogs in the world, where MAU reached the 6th position in the Top remixes list and 17th in the Worldwide Top lists. Also in December 2013, they released the first single for their new album “Safari Entrepreneur” (2014) named “Cheetah”, with its strong beats and hypnotic African influences.  Their single “Safari Entrepreneur Part 2” is receiving the same notoriety as their previous one and is getting broadcasted on radio stations such as Antena 3 and Vodafone FM. “Children Playing Adults” is the 3rd single of the album totally pop, which is a message aimed at young adults who reaching adulthood have a hard time to face up to responsibilities.

I had a quick chat with Paulo Silva, drummer of MAU:

Me: Hey there! Using Soundcloud is a great way to share music, create playlists and pick out those created by others!

Paulo Silva: I love Soundcloud!

Me: You know Paulo, the aim of hisoverhers.com is to inspire, share and inform readers on venues, places to visit, experiences, recipes, restaurants, gigs and so forth. I fell in love with Lisbon and in Lisbon, and as a foreigner I feel the need to fit in within the society and my way of doing this is by getting my voice heard. But what about you, when was the last time you felt inspired?

Paulo Silva: Uh, that’s a tough one…

Me: Nah…inspiration can come from anything like eating one of your girlfriend’s dishes!

Paulo: My inspiration derives from everyday life. For example, while waiting for the bus I might come up with a new rhythm gathered from a background noise like people talking or a bus leaving.

Me: Do you write your own music?

Paulo: I do, as I play for two bands actually, it’s a co-writing process. In MAU, all compositions are by Luis F. Sousa, the lead-singer.

Me: So you are pretty much a listener? And by remaining receptive to the world around you, you managed to become a successful musician! Right?

Paulo: Definitely that or I’m just a crazy person…somewhere in the middle!

Me: Well I must say you just inspired me…so I’ll give my own answer to my starting question now, last time I felt inspired was while interviewing you on messenger.

Paulo: Ahahah…That’s great!

Me: Do you mind sending me a link to your latest track posted on Soundcloud?

Paulo: Sure for which band by the way? (laughs)

Me: Hahaha, yes your are right! It’s up to you…MAU?

Paulo: Can be! This is the link to our website and store http://maumusic.bigcartel.com/ and here’s the link http://soundcloud.com/m-a-u/castle to our latest single. It’s having airplay with Antena 3, but it’s not on the album.

Me: That’s perfect thank you…it doesn’t matter if it’s not on the album…it serves as a teaser! …Thank you so much for your time…great chatting to you.

Paulo: My pleasure! I like what you guys are doing and you are such a lovable couple! Kudos, keep it going!

Me: Thank you we’ll do our best to keep it up…