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  • When I don’t need to look at the menu to order, and in my book that means excellent service. It was the festival do peixe-espada preto (black scabbardfish festival) in Sesimbra and as soon as Rodrigo, the waiter, said it was their fish of the day we ordered it. I’m also a huge fan of choco grelhado (grilled cuttlefish), especially when sitting at an esplanada (Portuguese for outdoor seating area in restaurants and cafès) facing the sea. Once again, for the drinks we didn’t have to look at the list. We asked for a vinho verde (a kind of Portuguese sparkling wine made with young grapes) and Rodrigo excused himself because they only had “Muralhas”— which was fine because it’s actually one of our favourites. The salada de polvo (a starter of chunks of boiled octopus, served cold) was extremely colourful and the octupus tender and soft. One cuttlefish was served with ink and the other one without, which I found a bit odd, but they were nicely grilled and delicious. The black scabbardfish was extremely tender but I would’ve liked it a little bit more salted. The mains were served with boiled green beans and potatoes (which were fantastic and melted in the mouth). The outdoor area at OndaBar is pet friendly and Kogi was able to be at our tableside on a leash. We were served with humour and friendliness, without it being contrived, and the prices were cheap as chips, considering the prime beachfront location.

  • At the OndaBar, in Sesimbra, bursting with delicate flavours was the boiled and chopped up octopus starter served with a touch of red peppers, lime juice, olive oil, onions, coriander, black olives and a drizzle of the cooking water (salada de polvo). A bottle of “Muralhas”, a vinho verde (white sparkling wine), enhanced the organoleptic properties of the dish. Rodrigo provided us a quick and friendly service suggesting us the grilled fish of the day, which was black scabbardfish (peixe-espada preto) and grilled cuttlefish (choco) which we abundantly shared between us. Surprisingly, one of the cuttlefish didn’t have ink in it whereas the one did. Considering that I really hate the idea of getting my mouth all black with it, it was just perfect. A casual looking restaurant prized on a national level for the arroz à pescador com marisco (fisherman’s seafood risotto), offers delicious fresh fish at incredibly cheap prices. We definitely recommend you to stop by.