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  • I DISCOVED Bordalo II through a friend after he shared on Facebook a photo of the giant raccoon above. At first I thought it was a massive graffiti but seen from another angle the raccoon was actually three dimensional and projected off the wall! Turns out he used trash and discarded materials to make this piece — old car fenders, electric appliances, tires and charred trash containers.

    We came from the Meo OutJazz in Belém and walked around CCB until we found this brilliant work of street art. The art gallery Arte Periférica were Bordalo II’s “Pânico, Drama, Terror” exhibition was being held was harder to find due to poor indications. This exhibition is now over but you can still see the raccoon on a wall which belongs to the CCB.


    Follow Bordalo II’s amazing work on his Instagram account.

  • ME: OKAY! So, have I been doing all this recycling for nothing?!

    Replying to myself: I guess at least our ecological conscience feels okay… In truth, whether we recycle or not, our actions are only part of the process, making it difficult to know if we’ve had an impact or not.

    I simply just can’t chuck containers away though as I might need them for lunches or picnics. I get Rui complaining on the reason why we should be keeping all this trash in the cupboard, while stacking up another used and washed plastic or glass container in the cupboard.

    After having been at Bordalo II’s exibition I can now reply to him: “I’m going to create a masterpiece one day with them!”


    At least I can be certain of the process involved now: “trash is turned into street art and sculptures”, very inspiring I must say. Bordalo II’s idea “(…) is to depict nature itself — in this case, animals — out of materials that are responsible for its destruction”. His sculptures advocate against corruption, excessive materialism and overconsumption. His, is a plea to action, all that’s left is chaos and that same chaos is the means through which he chooses to deliver his message.

    No more words, because they get unheard. So my next mission is to listen and go out look for the “Butterfly” hidden behind a building somewhere along the Tejo.