The idea that men and women “speak different languages” has become an unquestionable truth. The idea behind His Over Hers is to write about the life experiences we have seen from his and her point of view. In other words, about the places, dishes, drinks, events and tips which we feel are most pleasurable, exciting, funny, unmissable or otherwise worthy of note. We find that by sharing our life discoveries you’ll be encouraged to do the same. To always try to find the positivity and pleasure in life. The adjectives we prefer are trendy, personalised and casual rather than expensive and fashionable. So you will always find these preferences in our articles, reviews and comments. 

We hope you’ll enjoy the read and look forward to share with you not all, but part of our life as a couple in the constant search to please each others’ need to keep up the spirit of adventure and creativity.



I was born in Lisbon, Portugal and moved to Macau in China with my parents and brother when I was 14 years-old. The time I spent in Asia opened up my mind to accept and appreciate different cultures and introduced me to the joys of travelling and to rich new flavours and foods. Back in Lisbon I graduated in English and Portuguese Literature without a clue about what to do next. I worked as a call centre agent, golf course ranger, English teacher, paralegal, translator and bartender before, most unexpectedly, finding a career in sales.

I believe that true freedom can only be experienced with a backpack on your shoulders and the open road ahead. In 2009, this urge for adventure, saw me take an overland trip across two continents, from Macau to my native Lisbon. I bought a canon 450D to document that trip and discovered a passion for photography. Now in my spare time I’m a photographer under the name Rod Loboz.

In addition to photography, I’m also an avid music consumer and my playlist can easily range from loud head-banging metal music to the warm, Caribbean rhythms of Colombian cumbia. I collect vinyl records and wish I had better skills at the turntables.

I’m hard-headed, have an innate dislike for authority and political correctness and have a tendency to be self-absorbed in my thoughts, which at times frustrates her. I think she gets overly stressed out and takes ages to get ready, but I love the sound of her laughter and the way she challenges me to get out of my comfort zone. I admire her for her style, culture, wit, for being hard-working and for having strong family values.

I live in Lisbon with her and a German Shorthaired Pointer named Kogi.


I consider myself to be a dreamer along the lines of The Big Fish’ s tall teller. A curious seeker who gets hooked by incredible life-stories. My childhood dream job was to become a Vet, but I soon relinquished it when my dad told me: “You’ll have to study for at least 9 years after elementary, middle- and high-school!”. That was it, too much dedication for my taste. I can’t remember having any other professional goal since then. I spent all of my tees up to 27 years old, pretty much without a scope or aim in life. Sleeping throughout the day,  clubbing and spending my money in clothes, with the belief that once I reached a certain age, I’d quit this lifestyle and dedicate myself to making up a career.

At 27, I became a recruitment consultant and moved to Trapani. After just one year, I was working in Castronovo di Sicilia, then moved to Palermo, London for 4 year and finally Lisbon. Peeps have always called me a roller-coaster! I believe that being opinionated and having the courage to stand up for myself is fundamental to gain self-esteem and individuality. I look at the beauties around me falling in love day by day, and again and again, by re-discovering the world. So what’s in it for me and for us that encourages to keep us going and stirs our appetites? “I believe it’s love and passion”.

My life in Lisbon has changed me, I fell off the roller-coaster. I found a culturally fulfilling city, uncontaminated nature and living spaces neatly built around green areas.  For many years I have been searching for meaning and purpose, I had the belief that there was something bigger waiting out there for me. At 33, I have finally found my balance and self-esteem, I can finally say that happiness is possible for everyone. I now believe that my skills and experience have been gained for the simple reason that I can share them with you. I can share with you my tall stories, without any time or space constraints.

In 2009, while living in London, I started studying linguistics and the aspect that fascinated me the most was the study of the communication gulf there is between men and women, as a product of nature and not nurture. By keeping this in mind, you’ll find that most of the times, my partner’s perspectives and mine clash, but we always end up laughing at the end about our differences. I am always amused by his train of thought and usually end up with sentences such as “Whatever…That’s what men think…or you say that ’cause you are a women!”. We spend much of our time comparing our ideas and opinions, fascinated in finding out which details of a story, situation or concept grasped his attention and what doesn’t ever occur to him. Compared to my tendency to over analyse everything and everybody around me, with the purpose of finding “The almighty meaning”.